thewriterblue is a sobriquet , an alias, a pseudonym under which the writer wishes to articulate  her feelings, voicing out her opinion on issues close to her heart which left deep impact on her life and on others

people describe her as being vivacious, dramatic, an eccentric ambivert, having a sanguine take on life in general ; she on the other hand considers herself as a passive quiescent reader, with bouts of insomnia driving her insane and lends an ear to all. A  literature undergraduate, holes up in the heart of Hindustan, Delhi being the only city she has always called home.

She will never give up on her romanticized fantasies , even when life begs to differ.  Has a love-hate relationship with her dark mess of her hair, complete with her nerd spectacles hanging on the curve and sometimes slipping down her nose and caressing her bosom like a lover would.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Ayushi, you’re one talented girl. This is one of the most eloquently expressed ‘about the author’ section, I’ve ever read. Loads of love and best wishes.

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